Kasper made awkward eye contact with Heiya, who gave him a look of “I told you so”. Getting back into his headspace, he eased into her, swaying to the rhythm of their breathing for another minute, then gently stepped away. “Hey,” he nodded, “I think we’re good, Tiny Asian. Tell her about the piece.” He chewed his thumbnail, the thumb of his other hand looped in the waist of his sweatpants.

Heiya ignored him, but turned to Emilia. “The basis for this piece is…okay, there’s a poem called ‘Forget-Me-Not’, and it goes, ‘I tried to forget, but you grew roots around my ribcage, and sprouted flowers just below my collarbones. All day I pluck at their petals but I have not yet ascertained whether you love me or not.’ Now, the basic theme of the show is silence, but there’s a lot of stuff we’re doing with love and things growing, thus the poem. This duet is probably going to open the show. I’ve been working with the rest of the dancers for about a month, but because someone’s a bit of a dick, we’ve had to recast the female lead.” He coughed exaggeratedly. “More than once.”

Kasper shrugged, standing at ease. His feet were shoulder width apart, his hips set forward. Almost ignoring Emilia’s presence, he said, “Yoshii, we don’t need to talk about my issues with the other leads you picked…”

Heiya sent him a glare. “It’s a warning, not a discussion.”

He grinned impishly. This girl was surprisingly quiet. All the other leads Heiya had hired were small town competitive dance champions, and while they could move, they didn’t have the requisite soul for Kasper to play off of. She was oddly intriguing, but he was never one for conversation. The only person who could get him talking was Heiya.

“So…do you have choreography, or do you want us to improv it?” Kasper couldn’t keep the smile off his face. Breaking Heiya’s dancers was turning into a game. If he broke her, she’d be his fourth since the beginning of choreography for the show. Sure, it was cruel, but he took a little enjoyment in it. Emilia was just his next challenge.

 Emilia stood pondering what Heiya had said as they spoke back and forth, she was running over the poem in her mind. She liked it, and the idea of dancing in silence was different but not unwelcome. It was just certainly different from any of her classical work, but she’d accepted the position because it was different. And Kasper seemed good enough at least.

She tilted her head at the mention of improv and glanced between Kasper and Heiya again, curiously. She waited for instruction as they all stood there, completely alright with either option.

"If you don’t mind, Kasshole - Emilia - I’d like you to watch her move a little so you’ll stop being a dickbag. Em, do you mind if I throw on a little music from one of the other numbers and have you move to it? Someone can’t pull that stick out of his ass and be a nice person." Heiya shot Kasper another look as he walked over to the iPod dock. A soft lullaby wove threads of sound in the air, and he stood back to watch her do her thing. She really was a beautiful dancer. Vincent Ashmore made a good decision when he selected her. 

Kasper rolled his eyes and leaned against the mirror to watch. Sure, she settled into his flow just fine, but that was an extremely basic exercise. He wanted to see her move like she meant it. “Go on then, let’s see what you’ve got.”