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Emilia glanced from the GPS app on her phone and up at the sign for the coffee shop in front up her before glancing back down again. She frowned lightly, hesitant about going inside. She was 80% sure that this was the right place, but she was also hesitant about meeting Kasper there. He’d asked her, and she’d said yes because it would have felt odd otherwise. And she did like Kasper. He was a lovely dancer, and the only partner that had moved with her so well. But when it came to talking to him she always felt so tongue tied and nervous, and she was fairly certain that he thought she was a bit of an idiot.

She slipped her phone back into her purse before squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath, she could do being social. She was just a bit out of practice. But she could do this. She pushed the door open and strode inside looking around nervously. She felt herself smile a bit when she spotted him, she waved slightly before moving over to where he was standing behind a few people in line. “Good afternoon…” She gazed up at him curiously.

Kasper stood in line, hands stuffed deep in his pockets. He didn’t usually do social gigs, but out of courtesy he figured he should ask his leading lady out for coffee, at the very least. He arrived early, as per usual. Inside his pockets, he crossed and recrossed his fingers - a nervous tick he’d developed after he started taking antidepressants about a year ago. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of blonde coming in the door. 

"Afternoon," he replied, trying not to sound cold like he usually did. It wasn’t his intention to be an asshole, most of the time. Just when he was picking on Heiya. "Can I ask what you drink? It’s only polite for the gentleman to cover…tea? Is that what this meal would be called?" he asked with an inquisitive look. "Anyway. I’m covering your drink." He shrugged and returned his gaze to the menu. 

The line subsided, and Kasper authoritatively stepped up to the counter. “A vent Diablo for me thanks, dark coffee and the espresso run long and - for you?” he said, turning to Emilia.

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T2i
  2. Aperture: f/6.3
  3. Exposure: 1/250th
  4. Focal Length: 35mm

David Bushman, 1988 North Carolina Dance Theater


David Bushman, 1988
North Carolina Dance Theater


so strong! love it


so strong! love it